Word on the Street

Pimento Express Caters all our food at The Loft Party Room. Slip Calvin Klein Baratos Our Customers love the food, they can’t get enough. Calvin Klein Bragas Calvin Klein Slip Fresh every time. Thanks Pimento! …The Loft Party Room

It’s the best service I ever get! …Claret

I would recommend pimento because of the overall excellent service. Calvin Klein Bañadores Good food preparation and courteous staffBragas Calvin Klein Comprar Bragas Calvin Klein Robinson

The food is excellent …Delecia

Great tasting food keeping it real. Calvin Klein Boxer Thank you… Althia

I recommend it because it is wonderful… Martha

Great customer service; absolutely; of course; I would recommend it
… Shavon

Overall excellent service… Seymour

Because it nice … Jonathan

Because it the best around town… Latria

I am a chef myself and I know good food and I would recommend it to a friend