About Pimento

From our official launch in October 2007, a culinary dream came to life. Pimento Caribbean Restaurant opened its doors and from our location in the heart of this Caribbean community to the menu to our name, everything about Pimento was carefully thought out. Always in mind – our love for the Caribbean and our passion for the Caribbean food we remember from our youth!

The vision of Pimento is clear; to provide great- tasting, high-quality food at reasonable prices. Slip Calvin Klein Our goal is also to welcome our customers into a clean and open environment and provide them with prompt, courteous and friendly service. Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos And that is exactly what we do!

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Our name –Pimento – was chosen because it is representative of who we are. Known as Allspice in other parts of the world, pimento is the best known and one of the most used spices in Jamaican cuisine. It’s an exotic mixture of many flavorful spices and it enhances a wide variety of dishes. It is the flavor of Jamaica and brings back warm memories of the islands, of wood and water, sun and sand. Caribbean cuisine is our passion and we wanted to be sure that passion was reflected in our name. Pimento is an all encompassing flavor. It stands out and is memorable so it was fitting that we named our restaurant after it!

When you walk into Pimento, you see that the restaurant is quaint yet functional. You can peek over the counter and see the food being prepared by our wonderfully talented chefs. You may also find the managing partner, Lloyd, working with the staff, serving customers or preparing and then making delivery orders if necessary. Hard work is the rule for the staff, not the exception. Whether taking phone and internet orders, chatting with customers or catering an event, the staff manages to handle the demands of the business with professionalism and a smile.

As we continue to grow and expand our menus and services we know how important it will be to maintain the exceptional quality of our food and the professionalism of our staff. We are humbly proud of what we have accomplished so far and we’re committed to serving our customers and building upon the solid reputation we have been afforded within this community.

We are grateful for the warm welcome we have received from our neighbors and the success we’ve achieved and in return we believe in giving back and supporting the community that has supported us. We know that it is the right thing to do. Calvin Klein Underwear Mujer Over time Pimento has developed solid relationships with a number of local churches as well as social and civic organizations.

Some of the ways we support our community include:

  • Supporting the 47th Precinct by helping to welcome new recruits and helping to familiarize them with the cuisine of the people who live and work in the community that they have come to serve and protect. We are also active participants in the National Night Out event which takes place each August. *(check our calendar in the News and Community section for the date and time of the upcoming 2010 National Night Out)
  • We participate at festivals, fairs and local events such as the Taste of the Bronx and work with the Bronx Borough President’s office to do our part in making the festival a success. Slip Calvin Klein Outlet *(check our calendar in the News and Community section for the date and time of the Upcoming event.)
  • We are a member of the Bronx American Caribbean Chamber of Commerce (BACCC).
  • We provided catering support for an event hosted by 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement during Black History Month

By listening to the needs of our customers, the Pimento team works hard to not only provide the best quality and best tasting food, but we constantly seek out ways to improve service. Calvin Klein Underwear Outlet While growing the business is our goal, meeting the needs of the community is just as important.

Some of the ways in which Pimento gives back:

  • We support local churches such as The New Life Tabernacle Church and food pantries by donating left-over food.
  • We have built relationships with banquet halls to provide catering support and work with their staff when needed.
  • When large events occur and a large number of support “cater-waiters” are needed, Pimento first reaches out into the community to hire temporary event staff. Keeping the jobs in the area.

The team at Pimento knows that it takes more than great food to keep people coming back. There are simply too many alternatives out there. We strive to work harder and smarter each and every day. We listen to our customers and constantly solicit feedback. We want to hear from our customers on what they like and we keep an open mind and welcome feedback on what they don’t.